February 10, 2007

Unsocratic dialogue between two Buddhist in a Buddhist Country (an excerpt)

Two men, one much younger than the other, are seated in a bar filled with cigarette smoke and other bar(ly) strentch. Having gulped a couple of shots, they are rather in a shaky state of being, but not their intelligence. Their subconscious wisdom being lubricated by their alcoholic fluid, they pursue on the toughest of tasks, to follow the trails of Buddha.

By the time we hear them, they are already in the middle of their dialogue.

Young Man: But I don't understand...I may be drunk, but I am still in sense, you see? What are you trying to tell me?
Elderly Man: I am not trying to tell you anything. (Long Pause). What was I saying? Um, ah! you see, Buddhism is great. Just great.
Young Man: Why is that? Every religion is great in their own rights. But don't get me wrong. I am a Buddhist myself...but I don't understand...
Elderly Man: What do you not understand?
Young Man: I mean, look, it is complicated, don't you think?
Elderly Man: (takes a sip of his drink) It depends how you look at it.
Young Man: What do you mean?
Elderly Man: If you see it as complicated, then it surely is complicated. If you see it as simple, well, it surely is simple.
Young Man: But, how many gods are there in Buddhism? Look at all those ferocious looking statues in the temple...what are they?
Elderly Man: First of all, Buddhist do not believe in the concept of god. They are not gods, these fiery statues you are referring to. They are deities...they are bodhisattvas...you won't understand it until you practice it fully.
Young Man: But why do the foreigners understand more Buddhism than us?
Elderly Man: Do you think they understand more than us?
Young Man: Yes, I mean, I don't even know four noble truth or the eight fold path, but they recite almost every text...
Elderly Man: Recitation and Knowing the real Dharma are totally different things.
Young Man: Okay...but I still don't get it...I don't understand Buddhism at all...nor any other religion. But Buddhism is peaceful...I think.
Elderly Man: (smiles) So, why do you think you don't understand Buddhism?
Young Man: I don't know...may be fed up of listening to our parents about this and that about Buddhism. And we don't study that much about Buddhism in school. There are lots of reference to other religions in the text books...but Buddhism? Hardly! And one more thing, I...

At this point, a group of men and women walk into the bar and make a lot of noise. The two men decides to leave promising each other to delve on the matter deeply and seriously the next time they meet.

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