April 30, 2007

Middle Way...what way?

Chandrakirti based most of his pholosophy on what is called the 'middle way' or 'path' (forgive me if i am wrong) was he the philosopher who defended that all objects are merely temporary phenomena created by circumstances, which is heraclitan in some aspect where Heraclitus claimed that 'everything flows, nothing stays...'?

What is this middle way? It is the middle of what and what? the middle could be lying between 'there' and 'here', but where is 'there' and where is that 'here'? what is 'there' and 'here'? i do not think that 'there' is there and 'here' is 'here'. and most importantly, what is more important? there or here, both or something between 'there' and 'here'? but what is this 'middle' way?


Lucas Burgos said...

The middle way is the sense of unity, your real self, being one with all.

Larry Keiler said...

The Middle Way is the path that steers you between two extremes: 1. that phenomena exist in and of themselves and are unchanging and permanent (sometimes this is called "eternalism") and 2. that if everything is changing and impermanent (as Heraclitus says, flowing) then nothing exists at all and therefore nothing matters (sometimes called "nihilism").

Neither is a correct "view". Chandrakirti says that phenomena manifest as appearances, so they exist and we experience them because the right conditions come together to produce them, but they don't have any real existence for the same reason: because they are only the product of conditions.

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