May 25, 2008

Buddhism in Bhutan

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By Beth Whitman, Wanderlust and Lipstick blog.

Religion permeates much of the Bhutanese lifestyle. Tall prayer flags flap in the wind on every hillside. Sometimes you might see a bunch of five in varying colors while other times there may be dozens of white flags standing proud. They're all beautiful and a reminder of the importance of Buddhism to this culture.

Dancer at NYT Times Show

Prayer Flags

Monasteries are not only architecturally important, as they make up some of the most beautiful buildings in Bhutan, but they are the home to many of the country's male population. When there is more than one son born to a family, usually one of them is sent off to a monastery to study as a monk. He stays there for life.

Dancer at NYT Times Show

Monks at Ta Dzong

Dancer at NYT Times Show

Young boy at Ta Dzong

Shy yet interested in the outside world, many of the young monks were just as intrigued by us as we were with them. Though we didn't see any talking on cell phones like they were in Bangkok, they loved having their photos taken and then looking at the results on our digital cameras.

Dancer at NYT Times Show

Prayer wheel at dzong entrance

Prayer wheels are found at the entrance to every dzong (formerly a fortress and now used as an administrative center and monastery). Worshipers rotate the prayer wheel clockwise, walking around the larger ones three times, to spread good will and spiritual blessings. As the wheel rotates, a bell rings as a lever hits it with each revolution.


Wanderluster said...

Hi - I don't mean to sound non-Buddhist and possessive of my work, but you have lifted an entire post from my blog at the PI website. Please attribute this to me, the author. Thank you!

Beth Whitman

cine said...

in fact, i had quoted the source of the story. anyway, i am making some more changes... sorry, wanderluster...didn't mean to offend you. hope you had good time while in Bhutan

may peace prevail!

Anna said...

A paz e a doce e difícil subida da montanha.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!
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Pablo from Argentina

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