April 30, 2010

Buddhist college in Bhutan

Source: Bhutan Observer

25 April 2010

The construction of Tango Thorim Lobra, a new Bud dhist college, will begin next month in Dodena, Thimphu.

Funded by the govern ment of India, the Nu 250-million college will be con structed over an area of 12.87 acres. It will cater to about 300 monks who have completed their higher sec ondary studies from reli gious schools.

The college will provide a three-year bachelor’s degree course in Buddhist Studies and Philosophy and a two-year master’s degree in Bud dhist Studies and Philoso­phy. English will be included in the syllabus but as an op tional subject.

The academic session will start from June 2013.

The college will function under Zhung Dratshang and Dratshang Lhentshog. The certificates from the college will be equivalent to that of any university.

The college will have eight residential blocks for the students with terraces for laundry and lounges for relaxing. Each room will ac commodate two students. The basement will have in door sports facilities.

Ten classrooms, including two lecture halls, will be con structed alongside a library.

There will be recreational facilities like an open basket ball court with spectators’ gallery, football field and the internet.

The buildings will be con structed with traditional de signs. The main academic and administration block and assembly hall will be in the shape of a mandela.

Duplex for principals and four block flats for 20 lectur ers will be constructed apart from six deluxe guest rooms along with infirmary in the basement with first aid ser vice.

The kitchen will use elec tricity instead of firewood. The kitchen will have show ers for the cooks to maintain health and hygiene.

“The college will not only impart values education, but also help preserve and pro mote religious and cultural values. There will be whole some education for the stu dents with modern technolo gies,” said Ugyen Tshering, the policy and planning of ficer of the Council for Reli gious Affairs.

Under Dratshang Lhents hog, there are three shedras offering bachelor’s degree – Tango in Thimphu, Sanga Chhoekhor in Paro and Kan glung in Trashigang.

There are 12 higher sec ondary schools and some 200 primary schools under the jurisdiction of Dratshang Lhentshog.

At present, there are about 160 monks from Japan, Ne pal and Bhutan in Tango She dra pursuing Buddhist cours es. There are nine lecturers and 14 other staff members in the shedra.

By Eshori Gurung

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