May 31, 2010

Meditation is mind over matter


Yangpoi lopon Chimmi of the zhung dratsang spoke on “mindfulness” to about 600 students and teachers at the Nazhoen Pelri complex on May 29. An excerpt from the talk.








The Yangpoi lopon speaks to teachers and students

Nazhoen Pelri Talk 31 May, 2010 - Our bodies are present in this hall, but most of our minds are loitering outside, thinking what you did yesterday, what you will do tomorrow and your school work, failing to control mind.
Like a person multitasking at a time, he said, our minds get distracted too, through our five sense organs. Our mind follows what we see, feel, smell, hear and taste. Anxieties and sufferings are the two most common results of an uncontrolled mind in oneself.

One would be able to meditate, if one realises the inner self causes suffering and anxiety, instead of looking at the next person’s sufferings. One has to start working on the realisation of two causes and one will find that, with the proper meditation, they dissolve.

The five causes that blind peoples’ minds are our five sense organs, which our mind follows.

The use of five sense organs with proper concentration is what real meditation is all about, rather than what people believe meditation to be: as sitting with closed eyes and mouth.

The mind, he encouraged, if controlled, meditation for a second would make them realise there is no such existence of suffering and anxiety in the mind for that particular moment.

A layman trying to meditate would be able to do it for a few seconds. But that is a start. You have to practice it regularly to control your mind.

By Yangchen C Rinzin


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You've got an extremely great blog. Most people don't understand what mind power can do to one's success.

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