June 26, 2010

Expanding the role of the monk body

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Dratshang Conference: Monks on the first floor of the Tashichodzong kunra Photo : Karma Dupchu

Annual Dratshang Conference 24 June, 2010 - Providing Dzongkha language classes for university graduates as part of the community outreach programme of the dratshang lhentshog (special commission) is one of the issues discussed at the 7-day annual dratshang conference in Thimphu, which started yesterday.
“It’s mainly to assist university graduates, who return home after studying abroad and are appearing for the civil service examinations,” said dratshang lhentshog officials.

The director of the dratshang lhentshog, Karma Penjore, told Kuensel that he could provide teachers and teaching equipment, provided there is space available to hold classes. “We’ll also be discussing how to explore other areas to provide social services, like conducting religious discourses in schools, which are already in practice,” he said.

Community Outreach: Program Taking monastic expertise to the people

Officials from gross national happiness (GNH) commission, budget, public accounts, revenue and customs and the royal audit authority made presentations on their policies and procedures yesterday to the 70 lam netens, shedra (monastic college) principals and secretaries of the monastic body and the five lopens of the zhung dratshang attending the conference.

The anti-corruption commission (ACC) and royal Bhutan police (RBP) will be making their presentations today.

The conference will also discuss strengthening dratshang education, meditation and learning, registration and record keeping of religious items, dratshang scholarships to underprivileged children, helping poor patients in hospitals and strengthening administration and coordination.

According to Karma Penjore, there are about 15 shedras, three major zhirim lobdras (basic education schools) and about 100 small zhirim lobdras, with 7,027 officially registered monks in the country.

His Holiness the Je Khenpo, Trulku Jigme Choeda, attended the opening ceremony of the conference, which was held on the first floor of Tashichodzong’s kunra.

The conference will conclude on June 30.

By Nima Wangdi

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